Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Watch out the gringos are coming!!!!

We were at the movies last weekend and one of the pre-preview commercials had a voice singing, "the gringos are arriving, are you ready?" and we were the only ones in a crowded theater that burst out laughing for quite a while. Anyways, now I am hearing it all the time on tv and its just too funny. Cel-Lep is a language school that I actually first started taking lessons from and well I ended up with an interesting teacher that enjoyed making excuses for why she couldn't make our class at least once a week (and if she actually showed up she continually asked if I was pregnant, loved grabbing my cheeks and prayed for me to have a baby. but thats besides the point). The package was unfortunately paid in full and I am one of those people that needs to learn how to complain more when I receive bad service because instead I just felt bad for her and never said anything. Well thats over with now, but hopefully they have employed a more motivated crop of teachers for this latest influx of hopeful brazilians frantically trying to get ready for the gringo explosion!



Alex said...


But really, what a silly advertisement. Are they trying to scare the crap out of the Brazilian people! Just kidding.


Jana said...

Yes, I don't think Brazilians were all that amused. If I were brazilian, I would probably think umm why dont THEY learn Portuguese? Naturally right? But I am still surprised sometimes by the lack of english in a city that is the economic center.

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