Monday, January 23, 2012

Love and Baby Bumps

This weekend I got to shoot a beautiful mommy to be. She is due at the end of February and despite the rainy weather we found a little sunshine in the praça near Parque Ibirapuera. I wanted to style a picnic with lots of pink balloons but it was too much to risk with the flash storms and saturated soil. A park bench did the trick along with a few inside pictures. My favorite is the black and white in the doorway. I love that maternity pictures are so popular these days, its fun to celebrate the transformation of the female silhouette especially in Brazil. Brazilians love their mommas-to-be and their babies, I am amazed when I see crazed drivers and manic motoboys slow down and quickly become cautious for a woman clearly pregnant. On the bus people give up their seat immediately, hold bags and all too often bump touch without invitation. But certainly better the opposite I suppose. A lot has changed, in my grandmother's era women stayed inside and hoped neighbors wouldn't notice anything, keeping very private. Two generations later and way down south here at the beach women sunbathe and swim right up to the last few months publicly and very happy. Can't wait to meet the result of this lovely family in a few months.

"E" is for "Baby Emma" 


Alex said...

Beautiful Pictures!

Is this a Brazilian couple? Probably a stupid question in which the answer is yes, but I just wanted to check.


Anonymous said...

Belas fotografias de um belo casal. Em especial, uma bela futura mamãe

Zoe said...

Nice! This Christmas, three of my husband's cousins were pregnant (he has a loooot of cousins) and it was like 20 people at once all over their bellies. Still weird to me, but I guess at least they weren't strangers :p

p.s. Their dog looks to have been separated at birth from my friends' dog, Theo :)

Jana said...

Thank you guys!
Alex, they are actually expats!! Hoping to branch out though =)
Zoe, that dog was so awesome, your friends are lucky!!

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