Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Brazil hosts one of the most beautiful streets in the world

Porto Alegre, a beautiful city in the south east of Brazil just added a new reason to visit. "Is This the Most Beautiful Street in the World," stirred a great street debate the other day on a landscape architecture forum.   Gonçalo de Carvalho looks like a winner to me and what makes this story so wonderful is
how the community came together to protect their treasured canopy. A construction company recently threatened to cut down a few of these trees for the good of a parking garage (ick) and the people living along the street formed a successful coalition in protest. Not only did they prevent the cuttings but they also had this 500m stretch of Tipuana trees named a site of Ecological, Cultural, and Environmental Heritage.
 "What's more, perhaps, beyond the distinction that some consider it to be the prettiest street in the world, is the fact that it represents what is possible when city-dwellers work together to cherish and protect something beautiful." - Treehugger  


Anonymous said...

wow!! amazing
lindo demais!

Alex said...

BEAUTIFUL street, Porto Alegre does look like a great city. Very European.

And btw, I LOVE the new blog layout!!!!


Amigos da Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho said...

Como tudo iniciou:

Jana said...

Thanks Alex!
@ Amigos da Rua, estou muito felix pra voce!!! Obrigada para compartilhar conosco!!

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