Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hello again

Well, Happy New Year! I've been working on revising my blog layout/design these days and wanted to wait until it was done to write my first 2012 post all fresh and new but then I decided that was silly.  I don't want to wait. Too many things to talk about and somehow it is almost month two of 2012. How the heck did that happen?! 

In the midst of that 2011 finish I was back to the US hanging out with family, patting a lot of baby bumps and kissing friends and new kiddos. It was nice to be rejuvenated and back in touch with North America but towards the end of the trip I was missing Brazil. There is a lot of pressure in coming back at least for me because I found some new jobs right before I left and I was nervous after that time lapse picking back up where we left off might be tough. January IS vacation month for Brazilians, kids are out of school and beaches up and down the country's coast are packed with visitors. The city is dead (in comparison to every other month), traffic is light and catching people in business mode is tricky. But it’s nice to be home, unpack our carriage sized travel trunks and return to the good ole routine. And the beach. 

(taken in Rio)

Stay tuned for some catchup posts, like our beautiful trip to Bonito in Mato Grosso do Sul and a marathon Rio vacation over Thanksgiving. Rio just gets me every time... such a beautiful city!



Alex said...

Great to hear from you again! I was missing you!

Looking forward to new posts!!!


Jennifer Souza said...

What a beautiful picture! I really love the beach, and miss the ocean terribly.

Jennifer Souza said...

PS- WHy does your description talk about Paper Planes? I love them, but, I'm not sure about the reference.

Jana said...

Thanks guys! @ Jennifer, well the way I saw it was sort of a dual meaning. I love paper planes as a concept, and when you make one you fold the paper into ridges and plains before its finished, so its a reference to the landscape of plains (with in i) as both a geological feature of the paper and the way we go about our life...does that make any sense? Sorry it is a bit confusing... =)

Jennifer Souza said...

Sure...I just didn't understand why you popped right there in the description ;-) But I love the metaphor!

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