Thursday, December 01, 2011

Chef Vivi

Im way beyond behind on posts. I came back from a mini vacation and a lot of time with in laws to hundreds (380 to be exact yikes) of google reader posts to catch up on and that seemed more exciting than writing my own. But then I went to dinner again at our new favorite restaurant in Sao Paulo (which just so happens to be right up the street from our house, lucky us) and I thought, I must brag about this place! Its teeeny tiny so make sure you call about a reservation before coming over, but I just love it. The chef, Vivi is as wonderful as her culinary expressions. Having left Brazil more than 10 years ago, she spent time in Asia and Europe learning and cultivating her specialties. The menu changes daily according to what is available in the garden and in season and I think I fell quickly in love because it reminded me of some of our favorite spots in Chicago that were very much the same.

So heres my little postinho telling the Paulista's out there to give her a try. It is definately a bit pricey but then again I am so jaded by what a typical dinner for two costs these days with such extreme over pricing in this city that it may not shock you to pay more than 60R for a typical dish. Either way, I feel its worth the splurge every once in a while.

Chef Vivi
Rua Girassol, 833 - Vila Madalena 


Jennifer Souza said...

Very nice photo...makes me hungry even though estou satisfeito.

Born Again Brazilian said...

Going!! I'm so starved for good restaurants here. Thanks!!

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