Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stormy storms

We live a few levels from the top of our building which is already on a very steep hill (hence the incredible view). So when we get a storm, it means business. I feel like the strength of the wind goes up exponentially at every floor. The windows shake wildly, the porch doors wobble uncontrollably and I usually have to shut the outer shell of protection on the porch which I've now discovered the reasoning behind.  Things begin flying off buildings, lightening strikes and the whole apartment howls. Literally I saw rain standing still. There was so much wind going so many directions the rain just stopped for a second as it tried to remember to continue falling down, or sideways or back up again. Our balcony becomes a bathtub, water creeps into every crevice it can find and we have to mop beneath the windows in the living room because they do not have outer shells of armor.  And this hurricane occurs almost daily now. When it subsides everyone comes back out of their shelter and the beat goes on. We are very lucky though, as there are many that aren't high up on stable ground... and they are in the news. Summer in Brazil... if only we could find where the rainbows are hiding. 

the "shell"


Gil and Ray said...


I actually miss those fierce storms, which we have only seen in Florida a few times...
The rain here is very shy :)


Sara Louise said...

Occasionally it will down pour here in my little corner of France, but most of the time it doesn't. We have clear blue skies courtesy of the strongest winds I've ever felt called the mistral. It blows all the clouds away and makes me feel like I'm going to fly away too when I'm outside!
But sometimes nothing beats a rainstorm when you're curled up inside :-)

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