Monday, January 17, 2011

Fondue with a View...

So it started with a blogpost. And it ended in the celebration of a sort of forgotten anniversary. Its hard to make weekend plans these days with so much spontaneity and rain in the air. All I had to read was 'fondue,' and I was sold. Funny I never thought to inquire on the likes of tripadvisor or google for this most favorite food item and where it might be found in Sao Paulo... maybe because its hot, humid and rainy rather than cold, dry and snowy, the latter being normal circumstances for fondue cravings. Irregardless a reservation was made promptly and without much regard to the whereabouts of this intriguing "Green Garden" restaurant we headed for the hills sans GPS because we had better, man directions. Man directions are those that are half written cursive squiggle lines, sometimes with a hopeful "R" or "L" to designate an important turn and sometimes spelled correctly.

It just so happened it was the perfect evening, no rain a few clouds and an apparent stunning sunset around the corner. Off we went fresh smelling and a tad early to catch the view. An hour and a few wrong turns into flavelas later we arrived sweaty and late. You see, when you dont know where exactly you are going and you dont have a map (we are smart like that) AND you have man directions you should expect to come across a few delays. We didn't and we missed the sunset. But that was ok because once we found the right road, got out of the dead end scary place all intact and made it to the top of a very steep road where a GIGANTIC hollywood proportioned green sign welcomes and reminds that you've found GREEN GARDEN, all was right with the world.

Hello Fondue. But first Hello View! 

The parking lot manager seemed a bit bored since there were only a few cars to manage at our american reservation time (830 is wayyy early for a sat night dinner) so he gave us the full lecture on the view. Which neighborhoods were where, our proximity to Guarulhos Int. Airport and the fact that on a clear(er) day you can see the water in the distance. Our elevation was about 3,200 ft roughly 700 ft higher than Sao Paulo.  

The interior, much like the sign is bright and memorable. Blue christmas lights strung about with a colored dj both and disco ball... something about it said late 80's prom. Maybe that's because, "Fooled around and fell in love," was playing followed up by some classic Kenny G and Duran Duran. 

Within that lull of saxaphone, over candlelight tasting some very yummy lamb cooking in the pot to our side, we realized we passed our 6month married life marker. Not that I felt our half year anniversary needed pomp and circumstance but it was nice that we happened upon that little fact over a random collection of cheese, bread, raw meat, boiling pots, vegetables, strange dipping sauces, Chianti and a tremendous view overlooking our new home. It was a great way to last minute celebrate with the greatest man behind man directions I know! 

Thanks for the recommendation Gil and Ray. We'll be back for lobster season!

(unfortunately I just had my small point and shoot which doesn't do this view justice...)


Gil and Ray said...

Dear Jana,

I loved that you had a great time...
It has been so long since I had been to GREEN GARDEN.
The view is amazing, I agree.
Don't feel bad because we are locals and I always get lost trying to get is one tricky part of town that I am not used to drive around...
If some day you guys feel a little adventurous, you could keep driving on the little road and you will find more interesting places along the route, a couple other restaurant/bars, other places with difference angles for that awesome view of Sao Paulo, it is beatiful during the day...
I am so glad you enjoyed.


Erin said...

Jana, it sure sounds like you all are having a wonderful time exploring and eating amazing foods! This post reminded me of the time you invited me to your parents for fondue in college! It was a wonderful first fondue experience! Although, it wasn't as adventerous to get to your parents house it was a wonderful time (Hi to Mr. and Mrs. Davis)! Happy 6th month anniversary!

Sara Louise said...

Sounds fantastic! I'm a sucker for fondue!

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