Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pigskin comas

Brilliantly, someone decided to invent a device called the "slingbox," that literally connects to any dvr or satellite box in the US and relays the signal and remote to anywhere in the world. Even more brilliantly my husband found out about this before we moved here and he bought one and hooked it up to a box at his dads house. That day he was like a kid opening his first train set watching over and over how he could change the channel with the computer remote. Now, you have to have fast internet speed to be able to log in and connect to the direct tv box and we did not have this in our hotel. I didn't realize that was the last of our frolicking around the new city together. When we got to move into our apartment he cared less that we were without sheets and towels or even a bed, but internet was imperative. He even smiled and winked an extra gringo wink at the NET lady to have it set up the day morning we moved in walked in the door. Our first "moment" in the new place together was with the NET guy figuring out how long it would take to get things up and running, it was very romantic.

If he were just a football and hockey fan, or just a baseball and basketball fan, or even just a Chicago sports fan there might be some light at the end of the tunnel. But he is an... all of the above fan. We have two computers and one rented TV until our stuff arrives. He bought cords for both our mac and pc to hook up the computers to the tv for full viewing capacity. Brilliantly, the cords do not work with his older PC and work effortlessly on my mac. Every evening I get sad droopy puppy eyes in the hopes that I release my computer and husband to the sports devil. From that point on he's lost in the moment, what is it with guys and sports? He is a smart man, we have smart conversations and then all of the sudden sports come on and he can't even manage to complete a sentence?! He uses the hand during important plays to which I've learned is short for, "I think you are talking, perhaps asking me an important question but as you can see I am quite engaged, so do you mind holding for a commercial break?"

The silver lining? I get to watch 'the today show' every once in a while and catch a little chicago news and weather to further remind me why I live in and love a warm climate.  Brilliant!

Yes, that is him checking spring training baseball stats on his computer while watching Drew Brees battle the Seahawks on my computer.

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