Wednesday, January 19, 2011

oven-less snacks

I am counting down the days until I have an stove/oven, blender, food processor, mixer... but in the meantime I am concocting several wonderfully simple afternoon snacks where all you need is a fridge!

This I will call the "Rustic Fig"

- One large slice of Pao Rustico (raisins, cinnamon, nuts)
- One fresh purple fig
- Brie cheese (triple creme and the smellier the better, more flavor)
- A few dollops of Acai jelly 
- Pinch of Sea salt (for a slight punch)


Gil and Ray said...


I miss good figs so bad!!!
Really hard to find good fresh figs in the US.
Your oven less snack sounds delicious :)


Jim said...

Yum. Good work.

You could try a ripe tomato, fresh mozzarella and some manjericão leaves (basil). Sprinkle with balsalmic vinegar -- heaven!

What's the ETA for your container?

Rachel said...

Ditto on Jim's suggestion! It's tasty and good for you :)

Jana @ Paper plains said...

Ray - Ill trade you fresh figs for cheap tennishoes? =)

Jim - funny you should mention, that has been our dinner most nights, the mozzarella and tomatoes here are amazing! Container is due in late Feb/March but we are prepared for April/May just in case. Our air freight with sheets, towels and dishes is still held up in customs. More forgotten paperwork, more waiting... and it was supposed to be delivered in late Dec! So if the container is early/on time I will be stunned. Its amazing what you can learn to live with (or without for that matter). I am going to feel so spoiled!

And Rachel a perfect snack for your new healthy lifestyle =)

Nina said...

Amazing! I am going to make it! I miss brie.

Anonymous said...

Yum, we finally got our stove in, but I was doing a bit of microwave cooking. Quite the hassle... so I gave that up. Nothing looked appetizing, and the amount of dishes I had to use to make a simple pasta dish was out of control. So I just gave up cooking all together, and began making similar food items.

Those chunks of fruit jellys that you can buy at the store are delicious with crackers and cheese as well! I have to say I love the cheese and fresh fruit I've found at the Feiras here.

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