Friday, January 14, 2011

Heavy hearts

A few fellow bloggers have been mentioning some very unfortunate facts about the current flood situation here in the state of Rio de Janeiro.  My heart breaks looking through the pictures, reminiscent of Katrina and Haiti where all I can do is watch in agony and try to donate money. Jim offered a link with a variety of ways to donate in Portuguese and someone created a facebook page with a paypal link however I am not sure who the money goes to so I would try and check that out first before sending a payment. 

"Veja magazine say this is the worse natural disaster in number of deaths in Brazil’s history. O Globo  reports the death toll now past 510." 

Click here to view more pictures....

Weather report today? tomorrow? next week? more rain. and when i say rain i mean heavy heavy look out your window and cant see across the street rain. 

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