Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I was homesick over Christmas, more than I ever imagined and while we had a blast doing our own little Brazilian holiday, I vowed to my husband no matter what from here on out we are going back for Christmas'. I needed my family and close friends, snow, home cooked meals and the traditions that only a home can cure. I hadn't planned on going back till this summer but my mom fell on some ice a few weeks ago and broke not only some bones but also her usually happy emotional state. This coming right after she had surgery last year and had finally recovered, I needed to be there.

I am sure every expat will concur, living abroad offers a wonderfully unique twist on life, one I've come to love but it all gets shaken up when family or close friends incur sickness or distress. I've always seen myself as someone who will be there come hell or high water so between my mother and my best friend who is caught in the middle of a wretched ordeal I did what I could. I found few moments for the computer but jotted down some thoughts as I came to discover in the end it was me that also needed the trip home. It was like giving thirst to a dehydrating body. I tried swinging in under the radar but quickly realized its hard to not try and see people and quench the appetite for familiarity.  Maybe it was the awful ride home that jolted my nerves but sitting by the fire drinking wine with my parents and the dog nuzzled in my feet gave a sense of peace to my soul. Laughing with friends till my face hurt and sharing an afternoon lunch like the old days reminded me I can leave knowing some things will always stay the same. Towards the end of the week I had a longing to get back to brazil.... I missed my life, my husband, the edge, the complexity, portuguese and the adventure that even a grocery store trip provides.

In that week I did it all... helped my mom recover and gain some cheer, shot some quick loving pictures of my best friend and her beautiful daughter, ate my heart out of my favorite French cheese, Indian food and homemade fondue and macaroni and cheese (yes I believe all of those have cheese in common, even my favorite Indian dish saag paneer) went to target and bought everything from a new toilet seat (more on that later) to shelf paper and a shower head, went shopping for a few summer things since mine are still hiding somewhere on the coast in customs and cured that need for some face to face affection.

Here are some highlights...

Momma and her little darling


Flourless Chocolate Cake


Sleepy Pup

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