Wednesday, February 16, 2011

blog woah

I spent last evening catching up on google reader and all of the sudden up pops pictures of me?! Yoola is a very talented designer and is always coming up with interesting creations so I follow her blog. I bought my wedding earrings from her shop on etsy and sent her some pictures as a thank you and kinda forgot about it. Now she is using them for a little bit of marketing, so I am going to market her!

Please check out Yoola's esty shop and her blog, her jewelry is one of a kind!


YooLa said...

You are the sweetest ! you cant imagine the feedbacks I got when I put your picture on FB..
try and see it here :!/photo.php?fbid=1687530722230&set=a.1687530642228.90120.1656542732&theater
Yael aka YooLa

Sara Louise said...

GORGEOUS photo! The dress, hair, earrings all perfection!

Jack said...

I'm surprised there are no comments about the incredibly handsome man on your right?

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