Saturday, February 26, 2011

bookend in-laws

My father in law is coming to visit for two weeks tomorrow. My mother in law is then also coming to visit for two weeks in April. In the middle of this fun little sandwich my girlfriends are coming for a whirlwind tour I am calling:

'four fabulous girls see three amazing cities in two fantastic countries in one crazy week'

aaaand it kicks off tomorrow with the purchase of a futon to help situate all these lovely guests since of course, our container is trapped in never never land.

it does mean this blog is going road trippin' to do a little domestic traveling!

over the next month we area headed to:

:: Tiradentes (formally Sao Jose do Rio das Mortes) a little colonial wonder about 300 miles into the interior from Sao Paulo for a little culture check and then taking the train to Sao Joao del Rey for some more!

:: Iguazu falls, on the borders of Argentina and Brazil basically making Niagra Falls look like a stream...

:: Rio a few times, post carnival for the weekend and then with the girls for a few weekdays!

and hopefully many wonderful places in between and along the way! If you have any suggestions let me know!

(national lampoon's the truckster... quality)


Gil and Ray said...


I have one tip that will sound too obvious, but I still think it is worth to stress it.
For those historical cities in Minas Gerais ( Tiradentes, Sao Joao Del Rey etc ) remind everyone to wear super comfortable walking shoes.
These historical small villages have parts of their city centers closed for bus or car traffic, streets are in their original cobble stone form, those street were designed over 300 hundred years ago specifically to make it hard for slaves to run away. They would twist their ankles and trip in the different shapes of cobble stones and crevices in between them...needless to say, it is tough to walk on them with regular shoes and there are mostly very hilly, sort of like Vila Madalena or Perdizes streets in Sao Paulo.
A good pair of comfortable tennis shoes should do the trick.
That historical cities area has beautiful paradise like waterfalls that only the locals know, not advertised for tourists.
If you catch some very hot days, ask your hotel or tour guide if they can tell you about a cool "off the beaten path" water fall, it is a really cool experience.
Remember, you will be in higher altitudes with some chilly nights, even during the heat of the Brazilian summer.
The historical cities around Minas Gerais are my favorite place to visit, you will love it.


Sara Louise said...

Wow! Busy few weeks! And I love the idea of 'four fabulous girls see three amazing cities in two fantastic countries in one crazy week'. Sounds like so much fun. Looking forward to reading about it :-)

Anonymous said...

Buzios! One of the most beautiful places on earth. A few hours drive from Rio, very much worth it. Now that it's post-Carnaval you can probably get a great deal at a Pousada. It's been about a decade since I stayed in one because my mother-in-law had a house there for years (no more, alas) but here is a link:

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