Friday, February 18, 2011


Because my friend said, I’ve never seen you so happy over a toilet seat for your birthday
            Well that was one of many things I bought myself back home to bring to Brasil, it was needed, it was cheap and it didn’t squish and make a puff sound every time it is sat upon like the current, need to now happily throw out one we had

Because I’m on cruise control
            The last three months feels like an airplane ride: Running to the gate, shew you just made it, sweating, boarding, finding places for your things in overhead storage sometimes inconveniently in the back of the plane when you are seated near the front, settling into your seat, then moving seats, mechanical problems once everyone was settled, waiting on the tarmac for hours not knowing when the mechanical problems will resolve, finally taking off, the shutter of the wheels on the runway, the bumps and turns to maneuver into the flight path groove, turbulence as you move through the elevation changes and… seat back we have reached cruising altitude.

Because I love champagne
            And so I drank a lot of it on my birthday. And the next day…. and the next….

Because you just never know
            I pinch myself sometimes and still think, wow I live in Brazil!

Because some things change
            I now wear spandex and perfume to the gym because a girls gotta fit in!

Because I do love ‘Glee’
            I am not going to be ashamed of it anymore

Because it was my birthday
            So I celebrated for two weeks and ate all my favorite foods, did all my favorite things and saw as many of my favorite people as I could from Bodo’s Bagels in Charlottesville to a little dinner in Itaim

Because I always wanted a lot of storms…
            To make me curl up and read on the couch with chocolate milk and now I get them at 430 every day!

Because it is just the sunset of my twenties
            Not the sadness of growing older

Because my birthday 
            Marked the exact day three months ago that we took off for this new adventure

Because I am one year older
            In a place I love with a guy I love and I’ve never been happier!

Because I love the fruit and colors of this country


Alicia said...

I'm a new reader, so first off, hello!

Second. I love Glee and have stopped trying to hide it as well. We might need to start a support group.

Third. Happy Birthday!

Gil and Ray said...

All right, all right, I will confess, we started watching Gee too and we are enjoying! :)

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking how much I like the afternoon rainstorms the other day. Happy Birthday.

Lindsey said...

Happy birthday!

Glee is soo good :) No shame!

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