Saturday, February 11, 2012

Natura: The Store

As I have mentioned before, Natura is a wonderful Brazilian cosmetics company. Their direct sales model is the only thing I have ever been frustrated with. While I think it works well in certain income classes among Brazilians, it isn't flexible for other markets, making it hard for expats and tourists to buy into the brand when they need to have a consultant. How do you select makeup color from a magazine? There is a constantly changing variety of native scents for bath and body products, how do you know which to choose? What if people want to bring it to their home country as gifts? Happens all the time and the little kiosk in the airport doesn't offer much.

That is all changing now. Soon you will be able to buy your favorite products in a beautifully decorated brick and mortar location in the heart of all things shoptastic, Oscar Freire.  Apparently it is supposed to be open for 5 months, a sort of pop up, but we are pretty sure they will have an awfully hard time closing come June. Hope its as beautifully designed as the brand's only other store in Paris, by Brazilian architect, Arthur Casas

Check it out:

SERVIÇO Espaço Conceito Natura
Endereço: Rua Oscar Freire, 1.052 – Jardim Paulista, São Paulo/SP
Funcionamento: terça à sábado das 10h às 20h – domingo e feriados das 13h às 19h
De Fevereiro à Junho 2012

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Ray and Gil said...


I love this! Thanks for sharing! :)
If I remember well, the consultants had samples of everything, from deodorants to make up.
But a store will br great!!


Born Again Brazilian said...

That's funny. I'll be teaching a graduate marketing class next month, one of the business cases I picked to discuss was one about this company considering making an attempt to get into the U.S. market.
I'm excited about it coming to Oscar Freire! Although it seems like it will be much closer to Reboucas than me.

Zoe said...

Yes!!! This is such great news! I always thought I was just being an annoying, antisocial American for wanting to shop in a store, but over Christmas, when I admitted how I felt about buying from consultants to a group of Brazilian female friends they allllllll chimed in about how much they wished they would open stores (including a friend of mine who's actually the head art director for the Natura catalog!)

Zoe said...

I just checked the address and I'm pretty sure this is where that Magnum ice cream shop popped up for a few months awhile ago. That space seems to be a rotating space for product launches and special campaigns... I don't see why it wouldn't be a huge success and become permanent, though!

Jana said...

@BAB So interesting, and they actually made an attempt a while back before the market collapsed so we will see if they can do it again!

@Zoe yes I think you are right about the space, I checked it out the other night, right on the corner of consolacao! Its a great store, hope it stays!!

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