Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wussy Club

I have joined the ranks of the wussy club. Its officially winter here and while it may have only touched the 40 degree mark like a finger on a hot oven, I've honored that and broken out my very own chicago hot oven. Yes, the head to toe puffy jacket is out of the box and ready for a new adventure right here in my casa brasiliera.

When we were apartment shopping back in late November the weather was classic Brazil. What you might imagine Brazil always to be. I never even thought to look for heating and cooling units because there was a steady breeze and lots of windows. Who'd a thought those windows and breeze would actually later become a hinderance to my comfort level on the couch!

So word to the wise, Sao Paulo has seasons. And no, most apartments do not have heating and cooling abilities, rather they sell a lot of fans and space heaters. Luckily my next trip home is soon and I plan to purchase and import a few space heaters.

My days of living like a puff ball inside might by numbered but as far as outside goes I feel its just the beginning. What happened to my tough Chicago skin? This jacket was for the -10degree days I fought the 50mph winds to the bus stop in... and here it is 46 outside (and inside) and I am blue!

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