Sunday, May 22, 2011

Coco Fabulous

There are a few things here that Brazilians try and adopt from the US that just... get a little lost in the translation. I can't say that they fail because they are rather successful businesses but they certainly lack in the taste department. One of those is cupcakes (another is the Hooters chain here, the wings are nasty!). One would think its hard to make a bad cupcake, but indeed its very possible. And popping up all over town are 'cupcakeries!' Lucky for us cupcake snots, we got one of our own down here now whipping up an american challenge.

Ole Theo is a mighty cute Great Dane and Sophie's mom is the whisk behind the magic. I decided to give Sophie and Theo's Cupcakes a shot for my husbands birthday and they didn't let me down! I wanted to take a few pictures of these delicious concoctions but we devoured them to fast to remember. His favorite flavors are coconut and lemon/lime so we tried the "Coco-Limao," and they were every bit as good as the ones up north. You can even have a little Brazilian american cupcake with their "Cupirinha" flavor.  So when you get a little homesick for the good stuff that just can't be recreated any other way give them a call and you will find yourself with some very american cupcakes!

Check them out here:


Anonymous said...

I prefer brazilian cupcakes! American cupcakes are too sweet ( i HATE american icing)

Anonymous said...

mmm red velvet and cream cheese....anonymous cannot speak to "American icing" unless they've had cream cheese!

too bad on Hooters, we almost went there last week for some wings. said...

dear anonymous,
would love your contact details to send you a sample!

Born Again Brazilian said...

Oh Nicole. I'm checking out your mini cupcakes for the mini hands and mouths at my daughter's Brazilian Birthday Party. Where are you located?

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