Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pontiac Bystander

The other day I was waiting for the bus on a lovely warm evening. The cars were backing up way down the block and one rolls up right in front of me full of guys ready to hit the town on a Tuesday. Windows rolled down, cuff links shiny and hair slicked back they were rollin tight in a Pontiac. Yes, a Pontiac. Actually in Brazil I think its pronounced phonetically, Ponchiacky, which is even more fashionable. See in the US girls would laugh, but in Brazil they blush. Thats because while this brand might have been out of business since 2009, at one time it was incredibly expensive. Cars hold their value in Brazil much better than in the US because they are a lot more expensive and naturally most people take good care of them. Got yourself a toyota corolla? honda civic? yep, you are a baller in Brazil!

Regardless I smiled at them, thinking only in Brazil are you a badass for driving a pontiac(y).


Nina said...

I was watching the car show one sunday and the girl said mustangs were super aggressive. I couldnt help giggling for weeks about it.

Ray and Gil said...

This is funny.
Pontiacs are definitely not rare around here, we will still see them for years and years despite the closure of production...
It still amazes me when I see a Dodge Caravan being sold in Sao Paulo for R$150,000.00 when you can buy one here for around U$18,000.00.
Even after you add all the 100% import tax, the shipping costs which is around U$2500,00 the numbers just don't add up...
Not to mention the price of Ford Mustangs down there...!!! Ri freaking diculous...!!!
Someone is making too much money on imports down there and they can only do it because there are fools ready to cough up all that cash!!
I guess when in Rome...we better just get a Fiat Uno and call it a day :)


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