Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pay your bills even if you cant!

So here I am at a cafe downtown with internet for the first time since Wednesday and the last time till probably next week at least for my personal computer.

Why? Because NET, our internet, tv and phone provider cut off our services.

Why? Because we were 10 days late on paying our bill. Yes only 10 days!!

Why? Because the post office decided to go on strike for about 30 days causing complete mayhem for mail delivery.

So we got our bill late in the mail and past its "due date."

If the bill is past its due date, you can no longer pay it online or at the bank which is how most people pay their bills. You (or the bank) enter in this very long code of 60 or so numbers at the bottom of your bill directly into your online bank account and it finds it and pays it. Its actually a nice little system if were automatic. But, the code doesn't work if it is after a certain "due date." We (stupidly) assumed we would be getting our next bill very soon since the last one was so late and just pay both on top of a late fee that sadly wasn't our fault but inevitable. Instead, NET cut us off which probably took 3.5 seconds. Guess how long it takes to turn back on? 4 BUSINESS DAYS once the money transferred pops up in their account which also can sometimes take DAYS. So here we are. (Yes I know we can set up automatic bill-pay we just ran into problems before attempting to do so and its a bit more complicated than it sounds).

I will tell you, the world doesn't fall apart when you lose internet and tv but it does remind at least us, how dependent we have become.  I work in a design office and when the power goes out, as it randomly does sometimes, everyone goes into panic mode. "But how do we work now? we must go home!" Perhaps considering we are all some type of architect, we could... I don't know DRAW??? But on paper? With a pencil?

Ahh life...


Jennifer Souza said...

Wow. No mercy. My ISP wants to charge me R$7/day if I'm late. Im never late!

Ray and Gil said...


That is freaking harsh.
It reminds of when I first moved to the US. Our rent was due on the first of the month, but I got paid on the 10th, I though it would ok, that I might pay a fine and it would ok. Think again, we got an eviction notice on the 6th of the month, giving us all of 24 hours to pay or they would send a crew to place our things out on the curb :( !!!
That is Texas Landlord power for you baby! We were shocked to say the least!
I will tell you, I was never late paying rent ever in my life, not by even 5 minutes. ;)


Jim said...

Yeah - it's hard... You are responsible for your bill even if you never recieve it! A postal strike is no excuse! It's a full time job to keep track of this sh*t!

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