Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Outside dining

Pe de Manga

For those that love feel of a deck, patio or view, here is my ever evolving list of favorite outdoor spots in the city.

1. Pe de Manga : actually listed in the book, 1000 things to do before you die and I agree its awesome!

now no longer in order of preference

2. Due Cuochi Cucina on the roof at Shopping Cidade Jardim : very small area to eat outside but a nice view beyond the electrical fields

3. Tanger : they have a wonderful front porch dining area

4. Capim Santo : lovely lovely gravel backyard

5. Unique Hotel : classic spot everyone has to go once (or a million times), small bites and pizza only, on the pool deck though

6. Figueira Rubaiyat : The famous fig tree that stretches throughout the restaurant space is fun for people watching but I think a bit overrated

7. O Pote do Rei : our new favorite spot in Pinheiros, seating in the back is also under a lovely tree outside

8. The ever special Sao Bento boteco establishment on Aspicuelta : kinda like eating outside, again open air but really fun. If you find its too crowded there just about every bar on both sides of the street is the same type of feel...

9. Esch Cafe : Cigar bar but they have great food and a front outside dining space

10. Santa Gula : is sorta outside/inside but a really cool entrance and has funky artsy appeal 

11. N'o Cafe : you will find us here just about every weekend taking in the sunshine and a great breakfast

12. Deli Paris : next door to N'o Cafe and if we aren't there we are here for their all you can eat buffet that is okay but its nice to sit on the sidewalk and people watch! 

13. Arturito : Threw this one in even though it isn't exactly outside except for a sliver in the back but its so fabulous its one of our favorites and if you haven't been you should! You can still get a little sunshine in along the bench in the back right side so technically there is a piece of an open roof. Call ahead as it is very difficult to get a reservation here. 

14. Famiglia Mancini : apparently has a great little outdoor space but I have yet to go! 

I had some problems making this post a dedicated page and lost pieces of it so it will just be a post for the time being. I am sure there are quite a few restaurant spots I am missing so please feel free to add to the list...


Alex said...

All of these places look really cool! I've heard of A Figueira Rubaiyat before, too bad to hear its over-rated.

Thanks for the tips! I will use them when in SP for sure!


Nina said...

Hey, In campinas they love outdoor dining. Maybe it has something to do with all the rain in Sao Paulo. Here we even have semi-outdoor in almost all the the places that serve food. That is just a roof without any walls or three at the most.

In Milwaukee and New Orleans they love outside dining too!

Jana said...

@Nina, it could have a lot to do with the rain and that it gets a tad bit colder here. I think the US has lots of outdoor dining all over the country but there is something about being outside that I don't find so much in Sao Paulo. Its not a criticism, just an observation and I guess I wish there was more of it =)

Anonymous said...

Ummm, hello. This needs to be a page so I can reference it regularly. Thanks. xoxo, April

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