Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Welcome to the modern world!

Its like the 80s and I am finally getting a colored TV! I got a kindle from my MIL as a anniversary gift (1 year = paper = books = welcome to the modern world) and its literally all I do. Its on the bus with me, at work with me... dull moment? I'm prepared... think I am scared to go to the Policia Federal and wait three days for my resident fingerprinting?  Nope bring it on, I've got my kindle!

I protested against this technology because I love the feeling of books, underlining the pages of my favorite lines and passing them along for others to do the same, lining my book shelves by subject and dreaming of a one day room with a moving ladder and a big leather chair!  But unfortunately when I want a new book amazon sometimes takes months and depending on the title it may not even hit the big bookstores here. I haven't sold out to my inky white paged leather friends but our dates together are few and farther between.

These days wherever my day takes me, my kindle is there.  I'm not pushing it on you, just saying my blog life is a little less consistent these days. I'll find my stride again sometime soon...


Ray and Gil said...

Ha! I love the Philco transistor! I think my dad still has one in his pocket everytime he goes to a Soccer match at a stadium so he can listen to the comentators about the game! :)


Zoe said...

Totally agreed! I love my Kindle. Best thing ever for an English speaker who moves around a lot (not a whole lot of reading material available yet in other languages, though).

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