Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Emotional eating and the crock pot

It felt like forever in Brazilian time but I went to the US for what felt like a very short 2 weeks. I landed and played a part in my mom's successful surprise 60th birthday party, played golf with dad for fathers day, met up with all my high school buddies for a weekend of debauchery thanks to a good friends wedding, shopped a bunch at target, drove around the state a bit to see some friends... and it was over. Not before coming down with an infection on my finger that made it swell up so bad I had to go to the firestation the day before I left so they could split open my engagement ring since I always leave it in the US. That was a tad emotional since the swelling had gotten so bad they couldn't just snap it, they had to rip it apart. I thought after that experience I was a due a smooth flight back to life down south.

I was so excited to get home and see my husband and get back to my routine that I paid so little attention at the airport when they decided that the box of wine glasses I was carrying on "HAD" to be my large bag and not my personal item (grrrrr) that I had to last minute check my carryon. Well of course it never showed up in Sao Paulo. Inside were lots of new clothes my mom had purchased for me (tear, as that is a very rare event), new shoes, all my jewelry including a necklace my parents gave me for graduation that has a LOT of meaning, my wedding earrings, pieces for my large camera, my point and shoot camera, all my purses I had finally decided to bring to Brazil, all my tax information and basically everything that meant anything to me that I stupidly traveled with. I ALWAYS pack that stuff in my carryon, not leaving it out of my sight but for some reason I had a brain lapse and forgot all that was in there when I checked it without locks.....IDIOT. The worst part is the american airlines employees at the baggage claim in Sao Paulo are amazing and are doing everything they can to help (they know me by name after my sliiiight meltdown) which to me tells me its really missing since they are probably sick of me calling them 35 times a day. Yes, I've cried myself to sleep wishing I wasn't so attached to things, wishing I just hadn't packed that stuff and wishing I could just go back in time for a re-do.  So I decided to use my new crock pot that made it back in perfect shape at the bottom of my duffle bag to drown out my tears.

While home I mentioned to several people I came across a blog, "A Year of Slow Cooking," to aid in my new adventure along with a few of my friends recipes from her cooking blog. If I can manage to put the same amount of energy into using my crock pot that I have with Roberto and Luciana at American Airlines baggage claim, Alex is in for a treat!

So to the crock pot and its mental health assistance... may the baggage god please forgive my prior sins and come through for me this one time!

not mine... but will be soon! 


Rachel said...

I'm soooo sorry! That just sucks!! I hope the bag had a slight detour to Egypt and is on it's way back, in one piece and with each glass in perfect condition!

As for slow cookers, you never go back. I love mine! Reminds me, it's been a while since I've used her. Going to have to bust that beautiful lady out.

nina said...

wow that so crazy. I would go crazy too. I hope that you are going to get the bag returned. This is seriously a reacurring day time nightmare/ irrational fear. Sorry about that happening.

Ray and Gil said...

Dear Jana,

I am so sorry this happened to you. I have been a HUGE American Airlines loyal customer for the past 22 years, yeap, since 1989. They have lost my bags a couple of times but always returned with everything in it.
By the way, if they don't return it to you within 2 days, they have to give you a "voucher" for at least U$200,00 to buy clothes.
The last time they lost my bag was on a flight from Tampa to Rio, with a layover in Miami, my bags were sent to Dallas by mistake. I had a laptop and an expensive projector in the bags, they return it to me on my 3rd day in Rio.
In that occasion, I was traveling 1st class for a business trip and they gave me U$800,00 to buy a new suit, shoes and some clothes.
They lost my bags again on a flight between New York and Sao Paulo and returned my bags to the Renaissance Hotel in Sao Paulo, with everything in it.
Locks are totally worthless, if they see a lock they will be even more interested in your bag, so it's probably a good thing you forgot to put locks on your bags.
I have never put locks on my bags and never had anything stolen from them, despite all the times they "temporarily" misplaced my luggage.
What I am trying to say is that your chances to find everything in perfect order are great.



Jana @ Paper plains said...

WohOOOOOOO It was finally located and had been hanging out with all the muchacha bags down in Miami. Cant tell you how grateful I am!!! Thanks for the support.... will be packing differently from now on.. lesson learned!!

Ray and Gil said...

Awesome! I knew American Airlines was going to come thru for you, they always have for me anyway. They have old falling a part Airplanes, but they get your luggage to you when they misplace them. :)


Zoe said...

Oh wow! Soooo glad they found it! This is a huge fear for me. Delta once tried to gate check my carry-on from Seattle to Sao Paulo because everyone who boarded before me stuffed the overhead bins with their winter coats (and please don't get me started on those jerks who board with 2 carry-ons that somehow magically turn into 5 carry-ons once on board and refuse to put anything at their feet). I threw a bit of a fit, had them check it just to Atlanta (where I had a 5 hr layover), and the ground staff called me a bitch (on board I took advantage of the free wi-fi promotion to write a complaint to to Delta and received 10,000 bonus miles for that little run-in :)

An iPod speaker was stolen out of Bruno's bag on the way to Moscow the last time, and I once arrived in Sao Paulo with a LARGE sip taken out of my previously unopened bottle of Firefly vodka (which I found both gross and laughable), but so far we've been lucky.

Jana said...

@ Zoe - HAHAHA a sip of your firefly? That is hilarious... and gross but really hilarious. I'e yet to have anything stolen that I know of but I am always waiting for it... the carryon situation is so tough, I never used to be that person that budged their way to be the first on the plane but you better believe I am now... to know I have all my stuff inside with me! Ugh.. still laughing about the vodka tho...

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