Thursday, April 17, 2014

It is an overstatement to say it has been a while since the last post. Quite frankly I stopped blogging because my daily rituals and life started to feel so normal it was no longer funny or entertaining to the point where I felt like sharing it. I still love all the other Brazilian bloggers who seem to always have engaging things to discuss and I just figured they were doing a better job with it than I was so in way, I surrendered. I also started a photography business for family's and events and right about the time the blog died down, the jobs ramped up. 

I still live in Sao Paulo, I still love Brazil and I definately still do silly things all the time that make me wonder if I shouldn't be telling the world about them. But for now I stay busy over here at documenting the beautiful families that live in and around Sao Paulo. And I leave this blog up because occasionally I might have something in the archives that might interest someone googling about the city. And who knows... maybe I will have a few new posts here and there in the near future! 

For now... here is a photo from the most glorious time of day on my balcony, right before sunset. For more Sao Paulo photos you can check out my gallery by clicking here. 

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Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your posts (e sua fotos, é claro)

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