Wednesday, August 17, 2011

puppy time

Recently I've been craving a furry friend at my feet during some of these wintery evenings. I attempt a pat on every hairy animal head I pass on the street and have a coffee as close to the pet store in the mall as possible. Short of throwing a 3 year old tantrum, I've begged and pleaded my husband for a dog. I'd rescue one tomorrow at a shelter but I can't go near those places because I'd sleep on the couch just to fit them all in my apartment. In fact, I would be relegated to the couch anyways because I would be in so much trouble.

Anyways enough whining, I finally got my golden chance and it had a bit of a different outcome that I had imagined. A girl at work just got a Shih Tzu puppy from her parents a week before she had a planned a weekend in Argentina. Obviously the little guy was too young to go to the kennel without his proper shots so before it was even a question I had volunteered to borrow him for the weekend. With a smile ear to ear I took him home and created a little puppy perfect area in the laundry room. Fast forward 48 hours and many pees and poos throughout the apartment and under the bed later... I again with a smile ear to ear was happy to return him to his owner. Some might say it was because he is a little dog, and I am a big dog person or that I am a bit of a clean freak and puppies don't fit that mold whatsoever, but deep down I realized we just aren't ready. We like to run off to the beach at the drop of a hat, travel back to the US over breaks for weeks and we don't have a park or even a praca where I can let the dog just be a dog. Not to mention the guilt I got every time I was annoyed at his lack of potty training and put him in his bed so I could just have some piece of mind. It was a fun little experiment, and freedom and clean floors won for now. 

Of course I had to take a few glamour shots before he headed back home....he sure was a cutie!


Stephanie said...

It really is because she is so young still! I have a shih tzu and the first year...well the first year was a trial. Now she is 4! I cant believe it! And she is so well behaved and never has accidents anymore! Those pictures are so cute, reminded me of mine when she was a puppy!

Nina said...

ohhhhh...... what else can you say but ohhhhhhhhhh!

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