Tuesday, September 07, 2010

find what you love and get paid to do it

Thanks to an old friend from Denver and MasterCard I finally understand the thrill of doing what you love as work. Labor Day for me wasn't a relaxing one, but it surely was fun. A group of MasterCard holders from Mexico City and neighboring townships won a "Priceless" weekend in Chicago.  My friend works on the MasterCard account and needed a photographer. At first, I recommended several professionals, but in the end I nervously decided I could give it a try. We ate at classic Chicago establishments like the original Morton's, and toured the architecture of downtown and Hyde Park and Sunday we had batting practice with the cubs. If meeting incredibly sweet people and capturing their joy is a job requirement, sign me up for life! Here's a little taste of the weekend.

Those were just a few of the 814 pictures they went home with. 
Thank you for the opportunity James. 
Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!


Jack said...

your photography really captured the moments

Blakely said...

Great photographs, Jana!

Lauren said...

Awesome work, Jana! Can't wait to see the rest..

Carson Davis said...

Lookin' good

ALL ALONG THE WAY... said...

I knew you could do it Jana! you did an amazing job... well done!

B said...


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