Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So I have been nervous for a while about how I might tell people at work I am leaving. You have to understand, we are very small and operate much like a family. Every one knows what everyone else is up to, what they are doing on the weekends (if not spent at work) and generally that we are all managing the growth of the somewhat new office together. Monday morning I got in a little early and saw my boss over in the drawing corner. I figured, well it’s just the two of us here whenever is there a better time? “Good morning Jana I have some news for you.” Wait, you have news?? “I put in my two weeks!” Yep, my boss the principle who, mind you, started the Chicago office just 3 years ago (and was with our company for over 15 years)… is moving on to start his own firm. So that changed the game a little. I quickly broke my news and it couldn’t have better timing. He suggested I modify my portfolio over the next few weeks as my firm is apparently going to be working on the Olympics and there is a good chance they are starting a design office in Sao now!! Hmm maybe I wont be starting my dream career as an in/ex designer (my term for for my new job description im creating in the future...interior/exterior landscape architect) for another few years.

Ready… Set…..Brazil here we come….and I might just have a job now too!
As a paisagista (portuguese for landscape architect)! Yea, now about that Portuguese....

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